Logo Creation & Branding

This section displays the logo and branding projects I have completed for various small businesses and organizations nationwide. The creation of these logos utalize the use of both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I submit both vector and rasterized files. Feel free to contact me for pricing.

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  • Type Vector art, Rasterized art, logo creation

Tech Consulting Service | Indianapolis

DJ and Music Service | Los Angeles, CA

My brand.

Logo design for the @broadwayblack event. Simple and to the point.

Logo for Indianapolis based DJ

Logo for Atlanta recording artist @WilleHyn

Main logo for Indiana based DJ @djmacmane574

Alternate logo for Indiana based DJ @djmacmane574

Logo for first annual Atlanta music festival.

Logo for Indiana based podcast @wlfpklounge

Nightlife/Club Promotion Logo | Connecticut

Online Consignment Shop Logo | Birmingham, AL

Pool Service Company | Rotonda West, FL

Logo for Texas based beauty salon.

Indy based spa company.

Indy based cosmetic company.

Fitness Company | Personal Trainer

Atlanta based fitness company/personal trainer.

Personal logo design for Mali Jeffers, Founder of Mosaic City, an organization dedicated to building a culturally savvy city. | Indianapolis, IN

Fraternal Engagement, Reclamation, and Event Marketing Group

The Neo Classic Republic | Indianapolis

Chicago based media company.

Music Production Logo | Las Vegas, NV

Atlanta based recording artist

Logo/branding design for Non-Profit.

Vintage Apparel Shop

Fashion Blog

Logo concept for a printing company based out of Greenwood, IN.

Clothing and Accessory business

Stay Connected logo creation for the 2012 Super Bowl Host Committee. The logo was placed on all material advertising the committee's media and internet publicity.

Political logo