Logo Creation & Branding

This section displays the logo and branding projects I have completed for various small businesses and organizations nationwide. The creation of these logos utalize the use of both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I submit both vector and rasterized files. Feel free to contact me for pricing.

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  • Type Vector art, Rasterized art, logo creation

Tech Consulting Service | Indianapolis

My brand.

Event/Fundraiser Logo | Indianapolis, IN

DJ and Music Service | Los Angeles, CA

Logo design for the @broadwayblack event | New York

Logo for Indianapolis based DJ | Indianapolis

Branding for Indiana based travel consultant | NW Indiana

Logo for Atlanta recording artist @WilleHyn | Atlanta

Main logo for Indiana based DJ @djmacmane574 | South Bend, IN

Alternate logo for Indiana based DJ @djmacmane574 | South Bend, IN

Logo for first annual Atlanta music festival | ATL

Branding for local DJ | Indianapolis

Logo for Indiana based podcast @wlfpklounge | Indianapolis

Nightlife/Club Promotion Logo | Connecticut

Logo for local podcast inspired by De La Soul | Indianapolis

Online Consignment Shop Logo | Birmingham, AL

Pool Service Company | Rotonda West, FL

Logo for Texas based beauty salon.

Indy based spa company | Indianapolis

Indy based cosmetic company | Indianapolis

Fitness Company | Personal Trainer | Connecticut

Atlanta based fitness company/personal trainer | Atlanta

Personal logo design for Mali Jeffers, Founder of Mosaic City, an organization dedicated to building a culturally savvy city. | Indianapolis, IN

Fraternal Engagement, Reclamation, and Event Marketing Group | Indianapolis

The Neo Classic Republic | Indianapolis

Chicago based media company | Chicago

Music Production Logo | Las Vegas, NV

Atlanta based recording artist | Atlanta

Logo/branding design for Non-Profit. | Washington DC

Vintage Apparel Shop | Washington DC

Logo concept for a printing company based out of Greenwood, IN.

Clothing and Accessory business (online) | Ohio

Stay Connected logo creation for the 2012 Super Bowl Host Committee. The logo was placed on all material advertising the committee's media and internet publicity.

Political logo | Indianapolis